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  1. By this I mean a villager that you can get infinite exp bottles from.
    I would like to have one made on my res for 18k, but I could go more I guess. Any who knows how to this and wants to do this please say something. Thx :D
  2. I know samsimx use to do paper villagers, he probably knows how to do EXP ones aswell, shoot him a message on the forums I'd say.
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  3. Its called a stick and eggification.. Villagers have a random job when spawned. Keep egging until you see a purple robe (the priest), they usually have the bottles, as well as redstone and glowstone, not to mention enchantments..
  4. will do for 30k
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  5. How bout 20k and a Cupid's bow that I shot once.
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  6. fine i guess il do 30k...
    say something on here when your ready so i can set up flags (tell me which ones)
    and make a place for the guy
  7. I'll do 22 and a Cupid's bow
  8. i like that deal, so you have a deal.
    I will go set up the place, tell me what flags you need and im on smp2, res 3137
    il pay now and leave chest with bow (remember i shot it once), sound good?
    (p.s im not paying till u respond :D)
  9. Wait, whoa, I don't want a used bow, I'll pay you your money back
  10. Man you people are picky ._.
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  11. Then you do it EtikRodhi
  12. We are. Used items = lower value. It is like, when you get a, for example, vintage toy car off of ebay. Buy a used toy car that is fairly old, and you will be paying a few pounds/dollars, right? Now, if that same toy car that is fairly old was in a box that is in pristine condition, you could be paying what, at least 5 times the price of it being used? It is all down to how much someone would pay for it - but used, in collectors eyes, is lost profit? ;)
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  13. Ive literally shot it once. :/
  14. I WOULD do it but I don't know how, I don't give a fudge if it got shot once, the first thing I'm going to do with it anyway is shoot it like crazy
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