Excessive lightning?

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  1. Maybe I just have not been in a really large storm in Minecraft before, but the lightning today seemed really excessive. Does this just happen from time to time?

  2. Me and several other members have noticed this... not sure what causes it though... I have a theory that the number of people on the server affects the amount of lighting that strikes (not proven in any way.)
  3. Mojang needs to make a way to make proximity lightning rods:)
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  4. Ahaha, there were 3 of us at RJ's mining island when the storm just happened, and we were all running around putting out fires and saying ow when we got hit by lightning. It was fun.
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  5. I have noticed this to. I'm pretty sure it storms more in jungle and I know that there is a jungle right near there.
  6. God is trying to smite us all...
  7. @pat, if they dont have a public mining area i suggest removing the revealing part of your post:)
  8. *Notch
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  9. Haha yea we have crazy weather at LLO, stormy weather is the norm out there
  10. I think smp7 gets the most lightning/storms. Every time on 7 it's raining!
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  11. "from time to time " is an understatement
    A better question is when is it NOT raining and storming in EMC............
  12. Reason to this is because EMC is using the server engine called CraftBukkit++. There is a problem when the engine handles lightning ticks so this happens. This is definitely not part of the game :p
  13. It happens ALLLLLLLL the time on SMP2 as well!! At first I thought JustinGuy was trolling but then my house burnt down!!! And I lived on plains!!!
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  14. How can it burn down while its raining? Did it strike lightning where there is no rainfall?
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  15. Ya those awkward spots where there is no rain but lightning...
  16. Code:
    beep boop bop robot poop
    no idea why i did this me and my randomness :rolleyes:
  17. Haha that awkward spot is at my wild house in LLO
  18. Lightning will start fires. I've seen it do it numerous times.
  19. It's not a bug, Or a glitch, It's an intended feature of 1.2.5, I messaged Justin about it a couple of weeks ago and the logs confirmed 'Extreme storm'
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