Excessive construction?

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  1. So, a few days ago I posted asking for ideas about my res. I was given a few and some I will implement as part of my main structure, but I am wondering if I am being excessive or just OCD. I have cleared out massive space under my tower for a 60x60 tree farm, and another for a 60x60 wheat farm. And currently I'm making one for pumpkins with possible plans for farms for the other plants, as well.
  2. Not really excessive, I made a 60x60 wheat farm under my res so in 1.3 I can trade wheat to villagers for emeralds.
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  3. And what would you charge to build one of these wheat farms?
  4. Well with all the building material it costs about 6k.
  5. Not to mention all the shovels... so many shovels.. lol
  6. Oh, I'd pay 50k to have someone dig the hole and build one. And I'm sure i've got enough shovels lying around.
  7. 50k for me to make you a 60x60 wheat farm?
  8. Oh, for some reason I was thinking 60 by 60 by 60 (a cube 60 on the edges, dug out in the res). For that, yes i'd pay 50k.
  9. Now that would really be something I could probably do it though.
  10. Almost finished the pumpkin farm layer. One harvest is 1242 pumpkins.