Evesthery's Landscaping Service

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  1. On Earth Day, I started a little project at /wild c on SMP2. My plan was to patch up creeper holes, take down dirt towers, and remove all those half-broken wooden huts. So that's what I did, and then some.


    This is the first project of (hopefully) many. For the small price of 100r per chunk, I'll revamp an area for you. Tell my how you want it to look, and I will do my best to recreate it.
    Just grass - 100r per chunk
    Grass + bonemeal - 150r per chunk
    Oak/Birch trees - 4r per 16
    Spruce trees - 8r per 16
    Acacia/Jungle trees - 16r per 16
    Dark oak trees - 32r per 16
    Rivers - 100r per
  2. mmm It is a good idea and good thing you doing but I think the focus should be on STOPPING the IDIOT that make the mess in the first place.
    Any sudjestions about how to keep iresponcible players from devistating the landscape?
  3. Only staff can find out the person who destroyed it, using their logs.
  4. From what I have seen, much of the scarred landscape around the frontier spawn areas has been made by inadvertent creeper holes that no one has patched up, mines people have left behind, and hasty structures slapped together for shelter. These are things that can and will happen on any multiplayer server, and the best thing for it is to try and remind players to avoid and clean up after such things. Which is something that is being done all the time. My service is not only an effort to clean up the frontier, but also a business that players can use if they're looking to add a little something to their res.
    I do not think that the players making these messes are irrisponsible idiots, I think that they are innocent players trying to pass through without dying. That's my opinion, and part of the reason this thread exsists.