Everything you love!

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  1. This thread is for all things you like/love.
    Such as Bacon, Pie, Bacon Pie, ect.
    This thread is the kind of thread to make you want to come find it, just so you can look at pictures that make you hungry, happy, or just out of your mind crazy.

  2. I ovbiously love cookies.. Duh! :cool:
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  3. Post pictures, Duh!
  4. I have no idea what Doctor Who is.. is it a TV show or is it a real person?
  5. too lazy ...
  6. Television show =)
  7. It is a TV show, about a time traveling person.
    I am not sure about it though, its best to ask krysyy.
  8. Ah, i've never watched it before..
  9. Fine I'll do it myself.

  10. Bumpity Bump Bump.

  11. ...Gee...
    ^Only people who know me IRL will get that...SOME EMC people I have on Skype will...

    And Breaking Benjamin :D
  12. i like this but why is your profile pic and signature so creepy >.<

  13. My favorite beach.
  14. Apple love it so much XD. Almost got one of everything.

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  15. Things I love? My awesome, mostly astmatic friends leaving their computers and joining me in my love of climbing things for birthday celebrations :D
    Also good weather and bacon... its all about the bacon... 556034_10200091460305932_221038655_n.jpg
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  16. Yey! I'm totally in this picture :)
    Amazing weekend.
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