Everything Gone?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Destroyer6117, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Yesterday I was mining in the middle of the wilderness. Then when I logged in today, I was at the wilderness spawn, with none of my items (in inventory and at home), and apparently spent all my rupees on potatoes and rotten flesh. Just wondering if this was part of the new update or a hacker...
  2. My reaction:

    Well it probably wasn't the new update
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  3. Being at wild spawn without anything can be explained by you dying from drowning on SMP7.
  4. Again, with the memes. :D

    Anyway; I don't really know what to say - maybe contact a staff member to sort it out.
  5. It definitely wasn't me dying because everything at home was gone too, and I still had my EXP.

    Yeah, I think I'll go do that. Is there anyway to privately contact them?
  6. Start a private message on site with them...
    However, jack is right... They can see when and where you died, so that was why.
  7. Even if you die on emc, you keep your XP. Maybe your res went derelict?
  8. Also, yes. You hit inbox, hit start a new conversation and enter icecreamcow or maxarias in the top bar. The other two admins will never awnser.
  9. If you die in EMC, all of your EXP stays with you.