[EVENT] ww2's and Phal's Fun Weekends

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  1. EMC, it's time to show you what two men can do with only 25k per week!

    Me and Phal have always wanted to do events together, but we never could because of the time schedules we are on. So we decided to do this on Saturdays around 10PM EST.

    The event will start with a PVP arena battle. We will count whoever has the most kills, using the chat as hard as we can and write it down, and the winner will get 5k and a special treat. We will then go to a Drop Party Arena, which will cover 25k+, everyone is guaranteed atlas one dirt block ;). And to end it, we will have a final round of AMA, no rewards.

    Hope you come, we will be doing this in 3 weeks! "Bye y'all"- Paula Deen,
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  2. Sounds fun...what's AMA?
  3. Haha sounds fun! That photo of Paula Dean :p