[EVENT] Wolff's 1000 Day AMA

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  1. So... It's been a long 1,000 :eek: days from when I started EMC...
    I've always been wanting to do one of these for a while, so here it goes!
    Ask me anything!

    Please follow EMC Rules!

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  2. What's your favorite song, band or artist?
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  3. Panic at The Disco's (Brendon Urie) Victorious.
  4. Just listened to it. It's very catchy :)
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  5. What is your favorite videogame that you are addicted too?
  6. Well, duh... Minecraft, I love modpacks too.
  7. Does this world truly exist or is this all just a hologram, our imagination? Are the people around you real, with their own feeling and judgement? What defines existence? What is real and what is not?
  8. Do you remember your first res number?
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  9. What is your favorite SMP on EMC?
  10. What was your most favorite moment on EMC?
  11. It's as real as you think it is. I dunno are they real? O.O *Mind blows up*
    18444, now owned by an alt =P
    When I caught a dragon egg that was falling in the void... Thanks RainbowChin
    (I didnt get to keep it ;-;)
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  12. Beautifully said.