[EVENT] Wilderness Treasure Hunt!

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  1. Greetings, fellow Empyreans! This project has been a somewhat poorly kept secret, but for those not already in the know: I've been coordinating with Lehmaqr to put on a large inter-server Treasure Hunt, across the wilderness. However, my time on EMC has been dwindling of late, and rather than leave these tiny treasure outposts abandoned and risk having them discovered and raided before their time, I'm announcing this bit of the Treasure Hunt now. So, here we are!

    Tomorrow morning, I will update this thread with approximate locations of each Outpost. Somewhere in these outposts, there is at least one "hidden" chest, containing a "Treasure Voucher" book with a special code. There will also be some kind of journal or story, located in an open and freely visible chest. Finding this book will mean you've discovered a Treasure Outpost, and it will contain some clue or hint as to where the Treasure Voucher may be found.
    *While I do not advocate griefing of these locations, some block removal will be necessary to uncover the treasure chest. Please do not wreck the Outpost in your search for the hidden chest.

    Since only one copy of the appropriate Outpost journal is available on-site, I will also make the "Treasure Hunter's Tales" - a compiled version of all five books - available in my bookstore on SMP8. Should you wish to go hunting multiple sites, they may help you locate the goods even if the correct journal has been taken. Plus, you guys should know my writing by now. ;) Tried to at least make them interesting to read.

    The Rules:
    • Do not Grief!
      - Yes, you will need to remove/break blocks to locate the chests, but please respect the outpost. Don't tear it completely apart, every journal does give a hint of where to look. If you can't find a chest, read closer!
    • Read the Voucher!
      - You will need to return this voucher to me in order to claim the prize. Each has a unique code written in the back - remember it! Write it down if you have to. If for some reason you die, lose the book, and can't remember the correct code, I can't help you.
    • No bugging me for hints!
      - I will make an effort to be online tomorrow and Sunday as much as possible while the hunt is going on. This is so I can be available to all you Hunters who do find one of my treasure chests. This is not so you can constantly PM me begging for hints and coordinates, I will not give them.
    The Locations:
    • SMP2

      • Region A: -1400, -2100

      • Region B: -6700, -300
    • SMP8

      • Region A: 1400, -900

      • Region B: -1800, 2750

      • Region C: 15100, -1200
    The Treasure:
    • 10,000 Rupees Congrats to Kevdudeman
    • Enchanted Axe Congrats to Kevdudeman
    • Madman's Chest (Random dungeon & mob loot) Congrats to Billbob & Kura
    • Full set of God-Enchanted Chainmail Armor Congrats to MasterDude13
    • Beacon + 64 Emerald Blocks Congrats to Billbob & Kura
    • Tiger Mask + Certificate Congrats to Billbob
    Happy hunting!
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  2. Wow! This sounds fun! What time will you do this around?

    Edit: first
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  3. Well,,, I do like treasure hunting :)
  4. I don't have an exact time, but it'll be tomorrow morning, EST-time. Figure on somewhere between 8a-11a.
    I'd be more specific, but I've been up early for work every day this week and I'd really like to sleep in a little. :rolleyes:
  5. No prob I was just wondering if I will be up
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  6. Going to be rising early tomorrow then ;)
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  7. Going to this....
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  8. Oooh this will be fun :) Kephras where have you been the past few days?
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  9. I'll miss it.. =(
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  10. Who says? I'm officially announcing it now, but it goes until everything is found. Might be tomorrow, might be a month from now.

    At work. And once I finally get home, I slink off and bury myself in Skyrim until bedtime. It's been a very long week.
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  11. Oh, well if it's anytime tomorrow I won't be present. :)

    And school starts in 9 days.. ;_;
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  12. Second week in school.....
  13. Just finished my first week
  14. Map locations have been updated! The Hunt is on!
    -The red blur does not indicate a precise location. Not all outposts will fall within it, though they are all within 400 blocks of the given coordinates.

    The "Treasure Hunter's Tales" book is now available in the SMP8 bookstore, for 50r. I have also added a 50r sell-back so you can return the book after, if you do not wish to keep it.
    Good luck everyone!
  15. Just a quick heads-up so you guys don't feel discouraged:
    Region A for both servers is probably the most difficult to find, because of the snow / jungle. Neither are visible from Livemap 3D-view either.

    One hint: Both are positioned right on the edge of a body of water.
  16. Ahh wish I could get on for this
  17. There's still time :)
    All locations but Region C (SMP8) have been claimed, however as the saying goes, "saving the best for last." The Beacon and Tiger Mask prizes are out there... somewhere...
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  18. Update: All but one treasure has been found.
    Somewhere in the Floating Archive (Region C), my Tiger Mask is still out there to be claimed :D

    Adding some pictures, courtesy of Kuraudochuu :)
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  19. it was fun while it lasted good job to everyone!
  20. All prizes claimed :) Thank you to everyone who participated in the hunt!