[Event] Wilderness Hunt on SMP2

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about an event I'm hosting! It's a wilderness event! Today, I'm going to host an event where everyone goes into the wilderness! I hope you come :). Information about event down below! :D
    Event Information:
    Time: The fun all starts at 5:00 EMC Time! (Server Time, also known as my time.)
    Who: Anyone can come! I'll just be inviting you to a group! It'll be called the "Wilderness HKRo Event Group".
    Where: It's on SMP2! (/smp2) Then, to get the Wilderness we're hunting at do /frontier.
    Rules: Have FUN!

    Things to Remember:
    Don't come with gear! We're starting out plane, and where gonna get wood. As if we where doing a normal survival world! I'll be your host, and if you need help, just ask me questions! Also, if you need to levee early, I suggest you do /group leave and log out. We don't want you to be dis-invited from our group even thou your not gonna be there! Anyways, I hope you have fun!
    (I'll post more in this Thread if needed. Also, if you don't understand the event, PM me.)
  2. Hope I can make it! Sounds fun!
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  3. Thanks! :3