[EVENT] Wild Wrun

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  1. EDIT: Perhaps due to the clash with the archery, there isn't too much interest, so I'm going to cancel! Sorry for anybody that was going to come, it's just a pity about the timing!
    I am however leaving the chest with a vault voucher in the wastelands on SMP1, just south of the South East Spawn. First There can take it - make sure it's the chest that is clearly labelled with "Help yourself to contents", so you aren't stealing somebody else's stuff. It's not too far from spawn, so should be quite findable, as it's in a little building..
    Enjoy the archery though! :D

    I suggest as many people as possible gather in the Frontier/Wasteland later today, to mess around, have some fun and get over all these staff changes!

    Whatever we feel about these changes, I think we all agree that EMC is amazing, especially the community, and that this is something worth preserving. Now, fighting about who's to blame for all these changes isn't exactly productive for this, so it's time to "get over it" and put it in the past.

    The community depends on the staff, but also on itself, so its OUR responsibility to keep the community going, and what better way than having some fun in the wild?!

    Today (6 April 2014) at 9PM BST (here's a few conversions: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?iso=20140406T21&p1=136&p2=179&p3=137&p4=240 )
    If you don't know what time this is in your time zone - ask and I'll add it to the conversion link, or do it yourself on the website :)

    Wastelands - SMP1? I'll update with exact location if this event goes ahead. Unless there's mass objection to this! We probably won't go too far out, so if you're in town, no issues for getting back!

    A few general points:
    • The whole point of this is to forget our differences in opinion etc and boost our confidence in our community - so try not to get all hooked up on the blame game going on in the main thread, here!
    • I'm not really planning too much for this.. The idea is to go off, hang around near enough to spawn so we can run back if/when we die, and kill some mobs/run around haha! Maybe some staff will turn up: ALL are welcome and encouraged to come!
    • To add to the above - if anybody has any ideas for anything specific they want to do, please suggest away!
    • This event happening is dependent on interest, as of course it's kind of defeating its point if there isn't any interest for it!
    Thanks for reading! :)
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  2. I'm going to bump this by offering some (not major) rewards for the first few people who get to the meeting place (will be announced 15 mins before the event) which will not be a long journey from the nearest spawn place.

    Something in the region of:
    5,000r for first person there (I have a way to validate this) plus contents of a chest on location
    2,000r each for second and third places.
    1,000r for another person to the event, not necessarily one of the first few.

    Just to encourage participation :)

    This event happening is dependent on there being enough interest, of course! Do people fancy this?
  3. Dunno if I can make it but seems like a really cool event, what we need more of. Just fun player events.
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  4. Lack of interest probably because I think there's a clash with the archery, so I'm going to cancel, sorry! I am however giving away a vault voucher since I'd already taken it into the wastelands etc - see main post for details :)