[EVENT] Weekend Long Residence Clearing! (x3)

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  1. Hello Everyone!!!

    I'm looking to clear 3 separate residences this weekend and instead of just "/res reset", I want to give anyone who is interested a chance to come claim anything and everything they want. These properties are huge... with many, many, many resources.

    Which residences? Well... the three that will be going are 10283 on smp5, 10355 on smp5, and 5667 on Utopia.

    Each night this weekend, at 7pm EMC time, I will turn on all flags for 1 New Residence. The flags will stay on until Monday morning when I go through and /res reset each one of them.

    Friday - 10283
    Saturday - 10355
    Sunday - 5667

    Go scope out the plots before hand if you want! If you want something from there, make sure you're ready to go each night at 7pm sharp!

    Happy Hunting!!
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  2. very cool to give an advance warning! I'll try to come help out.

  3. Well, post is your advanced warning. :)

    It's keep what you tear down. So get anything you want...

    On that note... 10355 was for an event I hosted. I hid MANY items in chests throughout the maze... not everything was found... I haven't bothered looking for it... will also toggle container flag. So there is that too...
  4. The times are set I assume? Or is there any chance of an earlier time?
    Apologies for inconvenience but I thought better ask than be sorry =D
  5. It's the earliest I can be on each day. However, once the flag is on... it's on all weekend, at least until Monday at the same time. When I clear everything with res commands
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  6. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday! Sounds fun! Thanks for hosting this :)