[EVENT] Week long birthday DP!

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  1. Hello people of EMC,
    as some of you guys know, on the 9th of November, it is....
    Christmas! No, of course not. Its mah birthday! So come on down to 11463 to celebrate at 2:30pm EMC time.
    Should i bring a present?
    You do not have to but it is appreciated
    What about the drop party?
    The drop party will start on the 8th and be positioned in a subdued spot on my res. It will be accessible and it will run between the 8th and the 15th. Please do not complain if it runs out of items. A week is a long time :p We also accept donations, just notify me and i will come and pick the stuff .
    For those who do not know, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Just ask me a question and include a number and you are entered :)
    The prize is 50k


  2. Bump
    Current people coming:
  3. Well, I'm obviously coming!:p
  4. Added AMA
    What a way to waste a 2k post :p
    Not intended to be a bump, intended to inform people =D
  5. Question: How did you find EMC, and what made you want to stay longer :)
    Number: I don't know about you, but Im feeling 22
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  6. I am so gonna be there, as for my question, what is your favorite thing on EMC? (i.e. promos, minibosses, players)

    And for my number, well obviously the answer to everything will win right? 42!
  7. Will there be promos?
  8. The community. I can list some that I want to thank, dont hate if I miss any of you off accidently :p
    Grauhaar72 and co.
    I was searching through a list of servers and the first one i tried didn't work, I then put in different ip's forgetting to refresh. When i had realised my mistake i joined the one i had currently put in, which happened to be EMC, and grew to love it here
  9. Alrighty question here:

    Q3 Why you so awesome?....
    Do I win the money now?...
  10. I'll do my best to come :)
  11. AMA's don't work that way ( Im a poet and I didn't know it! )

    He'll most likely use random.com to get a number, that's why he wants a number as well :) he'll post the number chosen once the event is over.

    Carry on.
  12. What, I didn't get a word of that?....
    I was only joking I'm not actually entering to win:p
  13. Started the DP machine :p
  14. Today's my birthday >:D #Nov8Rep...?
  15. Its also TamTamV's and something Grandpa's
  16. BUMP! Promos and diamonds in there