[Event] We Ride At Dawn!!

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  1. Introducing the GRAND OPENING of the POWERLILY69 Horse Racing Complex!!!

    Some of you may have raced horses at my new PowerLily69 racecourse before, and many of you probably haven't. So...
    Now is the time to really test your horse's abilities in a series of races and obstacle courses designed for horses with a good balance of speed and jumping power.
    We will start off this event with a traditional speed race at the course. Then we will move on to 3 specially designed obstacle courses with lots of jumps and traps! The first, second, and third place winners of each race will receive a prize....
    Either a... RANDOM HORSE EGG (range of stats will be given on request).... or a CHOICE OF ITEMS (such as iron, gold, redstone, and more).... or RUPEES (5000 for 1st, 3000 for 2nd, and 1000 for 3rd)!

    Here are the details:
    Where = PowerLily69's residence # 3225 on smp2
    When = Sunday, November 1st at 6:45 pm EMC time (doing /time will give you the time in game)

    It is recommended that you arrive a few minutes before because we will start at 7 on the dot and we can't accept latecomers.
    Donations of rupees (the goal is 15000) are greatly appreciated and so are any kind of items! If more donations are received than needed, then they will be given back out as prizes. More detailed rules and regulations will be posted on the wall at my residence in the days leading up to the event, and if you have any specific questions please reply to this post or message me in game!

    This is my first large-scale event, and I hope it will be a great success!!
  2. Just to let you know in case you didn't notice but I have changed the time of this event from the original posting. It is the same day, November 1st, but the time is now 6:45 pm EMC time. Hope you can still come!
  3. Sounds cool! :p
  4. Might be able to make it
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  5. It's getting closer to my event, and unfortunately I have not yet gotten enough of the donations I need. Granted, I only posted a week before the event, so that's probably on me. However, I will have to cancel the third jumping race due to this. Again, it's my first time hosting an event, so bear with me and I hope y'all will still have fun!
  6. Well that was fast! Thanks to a certain kind soul (who will remain nameless since I don't know if they want to be recognized), the third jump/obstacle race is back on! If they would like to be recognized, all they have to do is drop their head in the donations bin at my residence on smp2 # 3225.
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  7. I should e able to come by and drop some donations off (although your not getting my head :p)
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  8. My Event is now over, and sadly it was not completed due to the fact that I ran out of time. Only 1, 2, or maybe 3 people showed up at the proper start time, everyone else came late. In the future when I have an event, or possibly redo this one, I will be much more strict about the no latecomers rule. Thank you to those who did come, and we were able to complete 3 of the 4 planned races and I will try to distribute prizes over the following days if possible. However I only have 1st and 2nd place winners for the third race. Thanks, and I hope next time it will all be more successful!