[EVENT] Villager Genocide Party (Contest Included with Prizes)

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Do you think this should be an annual emc tradition of mine

Yes 2 vote(s) 50.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
We will see how it goes 1 vote(s) 25.0%
what are you thinking 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. What this event is about:
    This event is way of saying thanks to the emc community by aquiring as many villagers as possible to kill by any means. This event is to blow some steam and do something completely useless in the process. I will set up an area in the wild or wasteland on a undecided server in a undecided location to set free as many villagers as possible for the community to kill.
    When will this event will occur:
    This event is planned to occur during the holiday Season most likely on Christmas eve at a Undecided time unfortunately.(due to the time required for this event to occur it may happen after the holiday season because of large and more important events take place most likely planned by IcC)
    If the Christmas Eve date doesn't work out then it will occur on my 365 day which is January 17th
    The Competition:
    There will be a contest who can build a devise that kills villagers the best and in the most interesting way. The prizes for the winner of this contest will include 15k of rupees and anything that is donated to the event as well. Rules for death machine, there are no rules except for that it must be no more than 5k to 6k from any outpost and spawn in the wild and must be on server the server that the community will vote for the event to be on . NOTE any and all materials are supplied by you except for villagers which i will supply.(NOTE if prize gets too tempting i will enter the contest myself and see if a mod can become the judge if possible
    I really want this to be a community driven event. I will supply around 2 dc's of villagers to kill during this activity.
    I am asking the residence of smp4 to donate as many villagers as possible to reach unworldly numbers in this mass killing (of a creature in a game for fun don't get mad at me it is supposed to be fun)
    I also want people to donate rupees and other items for the winner of the death machine build contest.
    Please PM me if you want to donate anything if being villagers, rupees, or any other items. There will be a drop off area at my res 8611 at smp4 within the week.

    P.S. : I would appreciate any mods who want to tag along and monitor this event but it isnt needed
  2. fat!! ain't seen ya in a while. Would like to go, but got a new project I'm doing. :/
  3. This is a one day event happening in like a a few weeks to a month you dont have to build anything just show up to kill some villagers lol they all need to dieh
  4. Will try to do it, depends if I lag or not.