[EVENT] Valentines 'Eve' meal

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  1. Valentines Eve meal:

    So, I guess you're thinking- What is a Valentines Eve meal?

    Well, what happens is today, for once, I am opening my restaurant- Look in, Book in and Tuck in. At 8:45AM (EMC time) the restaurant will open and you will be able to bring your loved one to have a romantic meal, while you are there you are able to buy some flowers for them and at the end there will be a beautiful fireworks display under the stars! There is NO ENTRY FEE, all you have to do is pay for your meal. All of our food is fresh from our farm and is NEVER bought. We really hope you can make it as we have put lots of effort in today! Here's the rest of the details...

    Time: 8:45AM EMC time
    Place: /smp2 /v 3503
    Day: Today (13th February 2016)

    Kind regards,

    Eve and the team. c:
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  2. Oops! I forgot to add... I will be doing a video of this and uploading it to youtube...
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  3. The event is finished now. Thank you all who attended.