[EVENT] Triple Treat

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  1. [EVENT] Triple Treat

    Event Type:

    1) Exhibition of truly original programmable light display

    2) Drop Party consisting of:
    a) 64 Bookshelves
    b) 32 Emeralds
    c) 16 Diamonds
    d) 4 Enchanted books

    3) A onetime only behind the curtains look at how 2 synchronized redstone clocks consisting of 342 repeaters and untold amounts of dust are fashioned to control a programmable lighting display with more unique capabilities than even I have discovered as of yet myself.

    Event Description:

    To toast and launch my shop I am hosting a true minecraft originally engineered redstone creation of my own deisgn. You will find nothing of the sort on Youtube nor anywhere else. You will be the first to witness this. A double redstone synchronized and reconfigurable clock able to program and reprogram redstone signals within a lighting matrix in multiple ways. This exhibition will last around 5-10 minutes.

    A drop party will ensue afterwards amidst the mad rave lights of the shop.

    You are welcome to stay after that for a full tour behind the curtain at the magic guts of the device: Over 340 redstone repeaters connected by dust dancing brilliantly in unison and bliss. I will never show this again afterwards to the general public. Admins and mods are welcome and encouraged to contact me for a personal demonstration and tour beforehand. PR.

    This will be the first in a series of remarkable and unique devices engineered by myself for the glory of the Empire. Reality will be manifest.

    Event Time/Date:

    This will occur on Saturday, Feb 23 at 9 PM Eastern time.

    Event Location:

    The event will be held at Splarmus 2 on SMP5 11311


    I am not accepting donations. I do not want your rupees, I want my rupees. The shop will not be selling items until the following day because the shop signs would interfere with eye level and obscure the light display.

    I do hope to see you there:)
  2. Sounds good, it will be great to see some more talent on smp5 :)
    Also, could you maybe go into more detail about it?
    Is it basically a set grid of redstone lamps with which you can program certain images?
  3. Oh I just tried to hype it up so maybe a few people would come see it. Since you're the only person who seems interested contact me in game, i'll show you. i'm on utopia or smp5 all the time. About 3 weeks after I got minecraft I started playing with redstone lamps and clocks in an attempt to animate big wool pixel art images I was making. In trying to make cyborg eyes move back and forth I came up with this thing. But it is pretty cool and I couldn't find anything like it on youtube:p Hit me up dewd i'll give you the 5 rupees tour:p
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  4. Sounds good, I should be on smp5 soon :)
    Also it appears we now share an interest in pixel art, 10398 is my res if you want to see my tow creations, Ash and Samus :)
  5. This sounds spectacular, if I manage a chance ill be sure to stop over and take a glance at the redstone wonder you've surely cooked up for the Empire :3
  6. I will be stopping by saturday... I am a redstown newb so i hope i learn some new stuff. sounds pretty cool, what will this clock do exactly?
  7. Sounds awesome! Could you maybe make sure it doesn't lag the server out too much? :p I may be able to check it out.
  8. This sounds really interesting. I will try to make it.
  9. Guess I'll bump this for Splarmus here.
    Just to say I have now been to see his creations, the redstone light system mentioned in his post is truly unique and amazing and I know you guys will love it. :)
  10. I'll make sure to check it out, sounds quite interesting, and I really like redstone mechanisms, even though I'm not an expert :p
  11. sounds awesome, ill be coming
  12. I've uploaded this device to Youtube. Sorry i'm a noob at uploading and recording game videos so it came out in 3 parts. But anyway... here ya go.




    The video capture program didn't exactly do it justice, kind of lagged the whole thing out. Better in person. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to visit.

    Special thanks to RainbowChin, the guy actually gave me ideas!

    Hope to see you all tomorrow.
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  13. happy to help haha :)
  14. NUUU imma gonna be camping :(

    Well, hope everyone else has fun XD
  15. I would like to make it!
  16. You are not alone all i know really is how to use pistons partly how repeaters work, and how to make a clock
  17. I'd say camping is funner.
  18. I'll be there. Can we be redstone buddies?
  19. Meh, not if it rains/sleets