[EVENT] Tree Choppers

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  1. What? An in town event hosted by a player where you chop trees and have fun with fellow players.

    Where? /utopia /v 5447

    When? 7/12/2019 8:00 PM EMC Time

    What Do I Bring? Make sure to bring an axe and bone meal if you are impatient like me :).

    Are There Any Rules? Yes, they are listed on a board on the right hand side of the res as you walk in on the path.

    Thanks to MoreMoople and jewel_king for helping out, thanks to nltimv for the inspo.
  2. Reviews:
    Had fun, thanks again for hosting this nice event :D - Agennt

    Amazing event, everything is nice and neat the signs tell you everything so no need to ask and if you do Kryarias is always there! - _Goatz_

    Completed Dates:
    7/12/2019 - 8PM-9PM

    Upcoming Dates:
  3. Sweet I missed these
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  4. Hope to see you there :).
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  5. I've never been to one of these, I'll definitely be there :D
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  6. I am glad.
  7. Can't make it but hope it goes well :cool:
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  8. Had fun, thanks again for hosting this nice event :D
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  9. Thanks, I am happy that you came.