[EVENT] Three Res Destruction Party and Drop Party 1/19/15

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  1. All -

    In a continuation of my massive res destruction in preparation for my final mass res rebuild project, there are still three reses that still have structure to them that have to go away.

    Instead of just resetting the reses I want to give anyone who might want a piece of the res a chance to take whatever they can get.

    Event - Res Destruction Party
    Location - SMP5, res 10478, 10479, 10395
    Date - Monday, January 19, 2015
    Start Time - 12:00pm Noon EMC Time (/time in game - EMC is EST)
    End Time - 1:00pm EMC Time - Includes a small drop party

    1. I don't use the phrase 'grief party' because anyone causing drama to other players will be removed from the event.
    2. TNT wont be enabled
    3. Server only holds so many people, get there early and don't go AFK
    4. Scout out what you might want early so you can get to it first

    Once the event ends, the reses will be reset.

    - Vexen

    Edit - Drop Party to include but not limited to the following items: (list will grow up to the drop party..)
    1. first ever sellable xXvexenXx player head (will only be 3 in existence)
    2. at least one stack of Diamonds
    3. at least two stacks of Emeralds
    4. various Enchanted Books
    5. a bunch of random stuff out of my vaults
  2. Cool!
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  3. Updated post with drop party info.
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  4. Bumped post. For those who can't attend, I will be having another party in the near future during the evening times. TBA at a later date.
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  5. 1000 apologies...

    A family emergency came up and I was unable to do this event. I am unlocking the reses now for all to tear apart.

    I will do the drop party next weekend. For those wanting the head, the party will be next Saturday, time to be announced soon.
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  6. I took all the stained clay XD and built some stuff :D