[Event] The walls 2, Tomorrow!

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  1. Hello Everybody

    Recently,I have seen alot of bad organised team ideas and other stuff.
    So I decided to make a new,better one.
    This Wednesday, I will host a game of The walls 2.

    The server is already done and this is how it will work.
    The contest will be hold on saturday ,proabably lunch central time :)
    This is a suggestion,Howewer,It might be changed a few hours :).
    http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=The walls 2&iso=20121124T12&p1=1387

    People can apply to be in it.
    Anyone is allowed. To enter,You must pay 100r.(Dont worry,You will get em back :). )
    After that, I will add you to the whitelist and send you the IP.
    We play the game,No one is Op exept me.
    I will tp everybody to theire location.
    After some time,The sand walls will drop and you will have free PVP.
    Last team still alive will win,But if noone will have won until after a loong time,I will go in and add lava to the world until someone has won :)

    Team 1 Leader = Finsup2010
    Team 2 Leader = Creppaninga235
    Team 3 Leader = nfell2009
    Team 4 Leader = talukegord
    I also need 12 "Helpers" who will de diveded into team 1-4.
    Team leders will get some info sent to them like where some secret stuff is hidden and similar.
    Team leders have nothing else special :p

    People that have signed up for being "Helpers"
    TheTruffleHuner,callummiskelly, AlexHallon, yankees518,Theepic5,NINJATTILA,_stads_

    The team that wins gets 10,000r to share on.(3000r for each person.)
    All the players that dosent win gets theire 100r back.

    Follow the rules of The walls 2.
    If you cheat = Permabanned and no 100r back.
    No beds are allowed,If ANY team makes a bed and places it = cheating.
    I will constantly film and watch the game,looking for cheaters and later upload it to youtube.
    If you die,You lose!
    More rules will come when it comes to me :)

    Also,I will modify the world a bit to make it harder :)

    How to apply,Write:
    I want to join and Ill pay you right now!
    Or something similar :)

    Thank you

  2. I wish I could join but I´m a bit busy at the moment :(. I guess this helps you though with a BUMP.
  3. Yeah that sucks,But thanks for the "bump" anyway :)
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  4. I can do this i am not busy at all
  5. Your On :)
    Want to be teamleder?
  6. Yes
  7. Great,Ill add you as Teamleader :)
  8. Feel free to ask questions :)
  9. Can I play!!
  10. Darn, I really want to participate, but its on a school day :(
    You may have better luck with people joining if its on a weekend, If you change it to a day on the weekend I'll be the leader of team 4, if not....well, then someone else can do it
  11. I'd love to join, but sadly that time is the exact same as when I quit school for the day. :(
  12. Why do we have to pay 100 rupees if we are going to get it back no matter what?
  13. I think its kinda like a deposit, to make sure people dont say they will participate, and then decide not to.
  14. Its now at 16.00 :)
  15. Correct,Anybody else who wants to join?
  16. I would join but unfortually its a school day will u be doing this again maybe at weekend?
  17. Proabably, Im thinking about doing this saturday instead,Lunch time....
    Guys,What do you say about that?
    The server is up and ready so its more about when you have time :)
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  18. I like it :D
  19. That's a great site you used to show the time it is on, Unfortunately it's gonna end up at 2am for me :(
  20. I got a message from Creppa about me being in the team for this: can someone please tell me whats going on?