(EVENT) The Vulcan Inc. Christmas Spleef Arena

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Ice_Lightning99, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. The Vulcan Inc. Christmas Spleef Arena
    Congrats to Stormboy231 and GMW_I for winning

    • When: Today At 4 PM EST
    • Where: 9204 on smp4
    • Prizes:
    1. First: Both Holiday promos(Unused) 15k
    Spleef is a game where you dig to try to get people to fall down and get the out
    If you want do donate a prize contact Ice_lightning99 ASAP

    The Arena: 2013-12-26_15.06.03.png 2013-12-26_15.05.53.png
  2. 40 mins til the event!
  3. Looks, awesome. Will participate! :D
  4. Ice_Lightning, I understand the first round went a little crazy and out of control. If necessary, I have a ton of dirt I could supply to help rebuild if its necessary for a final round or a redo of the first round. Just a thought.;)