[EVENT] The Treasure Quest

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Wich day do you prefer?

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  1. Click the spoilers to learn more! :)

    The Treasure Quest will be a weekly event. Up to 48 players, divided in 4 teams, try to find 64 emeralds, hidden inside 64 chests buried randomly around the field. The field is a 128 x 128 square, and contains a random biome inside. every time after a match, the field is repaired using dirt and saplings.

    the event will be celebrated on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays (Vote in the poll above), AT 5:00 (GMT +1)

    the event will be celebrated at smp2 Wilderness. I'm working on finding a good location for the field.

    Anyone can play, you just need to sign up at every week's thread and be there when it happens!

    The rules are very simple. You just need to find chests hidden around the field, and everything you find is yours. Altough, you CAN't kill anyone, and you should put the emeralds into your team's chest.

    You can steal other team's emeralds. If a player of the other team sees you trying to rob, he can say "Stop!" and you should return to your base.

    If your team wins by having the most emeralds, all the 64 emeralds will be collected and divided between each player of your team. Also, each winner will receive 100 rupees.

    You can help by joining as arbitrator of the game, support the idea by donating rupees for the emeralds, prizes and wool; donating dirt, torches, beds or wool; or helping me to find a good location at smp2 Wilderness for the field.
  2. Second because Chascarrillo is really first XD
    and I wanna play :)
  3. You should have empty chests for people so they would fail :p
  4. Sounds good! I'm all for it!
  5. :D I will
  6. This is a good idea! Though you might want to fix your spoilers.
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  7. I don't know how, they are bugged :/
  8. I have finished designing the field at sp; if you want to help me finding a good location for the field, be at the smp2 Wild spawn at 7:00 GMT +1, Monday (Tomorrow). Bring survival stuff and compasses.