[Event]The Melon Gamz!

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  1. Welcome To The MELON Gamz!
    The melon gamz is a competition in witch teams of four contestants battle it out with various different minigames; such as spleef, horse racing, fishing and many more. Each minigame will be randomly selected from "The Gumball machine".
    The melon gamz will be held on Saturday, 1/2/14 at 12pm (GMT+10(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia))
    It will be held on 5089, utopia.
    To form a team, please fill out the form below. please note that diamond supporters cannot participate in this category, as they can fly in town.
    Team name:
    Team name: menonzz
    IGN1: melonari12
    IGN2: cubamelon7
    IGN3: melon_luvv
    IGN4: melon nommer_22
    Item: melon block.
    of coarse we need builders to setup the games. If you would like to help build the set, please fill out the form below.
    IGN(includes alts):
    redstone knowledge:
    building knowledge:
    special skills:
    IGN(includes alts): melon45, melon_luvv
    redstone knowledge: high but dose not remember many redstone devices.

    building knowledge: low, but good at making things look natural.
    special skills: very fast builder.
    other: can spend a lot of time on emc.
    We are also to be acquiring some supervisors to supervise the contestants. if you are interested please fill out the form below. please note that only diamond supporters can apply for this.
    IGN(includes alts):
    special skills:
    IGN(includes alts): Meloneer
    Age: 15
    special skills: very observant
    other: can spend long periods of time on EMC.
  2. PRIZES!
    First Team:
    1DC of iron -cube45
    1 haunted head -cube45
    1 turkey slicer -cube45
    32 diamonds -cube45

    Please note that the items are to be distributed throughout the team.