[Event] The Donkey-Death Drop Party!

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  1. Introduction
    My 500th day is coming up, so I decided to celebrate with this Donkey-Death Drop Party event! :D I haven't seen anything like this, but I've done some testing and am in high hopes that it will work. :) Everyone's invited! Now, how 'bout I explain this thing?
    What is this?
    Before I say this, just know that this won't be a massive party. Why? Because I'm not rich. :p So don't expect to be drowning in items, because it is only a small party. But still, please have fun! :D
    This is a drop party in which all you players jump into a pit while I remain on a sky platform. With me on the sky platform will be two double-chests of donkey and mule eggs, each donkey/mule fully grown and equipped with a chest. When I start the party, I will flip a switch, opening several holes in the platform. I will then proceed to use snowballs, brute force, and a bit of overcrowding to rain donkeys and mules down upon you.
    And of course, as you get splattered with donkey guts, the lovely carcasses will release whatever items I put into the equipped chest. It's a win-win-win! I make you happy, you get lots of items, and the donkeys/mules get to party in that big stable in the sky. :D
    However, not every donkey or mule is a fun corpse! Some of the mobs are junk-bombs and have been totally filled with things like dirt or mushroom stew. I may like giving things to you, but I also enjoy annoying the bajeezus out of you by filling up your inventory with trash. :)
    When is this?
    Right now it is set to be this coming Wednesday at 1:00 EMC Time (do /time ingame). Just remember there's always a possibility of something coming up, so there's a teeny-tiny possibility the time could be changed. For now, my schedule is clear, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If anything does come up, I'll let y'all know and change the time as best as I can.
    Where is this?
    Residence 9420 on SMP4, my third residence. Just do /server smp4 and then /v 9420 to get there. :)
    List of Drops
    Yeah, yeah, I'll get to the good stuff. :rolleyes: Here's a list of some of the stuff that I'm dropping. Sorry about the terrible spoilers! :) EDIT: Thanks to Defluxer for telling me how to fix the no-longer-terrible spoilers! :D

    1 Magical Eggcellent Wand
    1 IcecreamCow Skin
    1 IcecreamCow Flesh
    1 2013 Empire Firework
    1 Haunted Head
    2 Maxarian Heads
    2 Vault Vouchers
    4 Dragon Stone Fragments

    7 Various Music Discs
    5 Enchanted Bows
    5 Enchanted Gold Swords
    2 Enchanted Diamond Picks
    1 Enchanted Diamond Sword
    1 Enchanted Diamond Axe
    17 Enchanted Books
    1 Rupee Voucher (5k)
    3 Rupee Vouchers (1k)
    5 Rupee Vouchers (500r)
    10 Rupee Vouchers (100r)
    10 Guides to Momentus
    1 Set of Old Starter Gear (Armor, Pick, Sword)
    1 Beacon
    1 Diamond Horse Armor
    1 Iron Horse Armor
    2 Saddles
    Assorted Mob Heads
    1 IcecreamCow Head
    1 hashhog3000 Head
    32 Lapis Blocks
    64 Iron Blocks
    Various Potions
    9 Horse Eggs
    Assorted Blocks/Items (Won't even bother to list 'em all, there's a ton!)
  2. Awesome I can attend! I hope everyone will have fun and thanks for this awesome thing hash =) (P.s. to fix the extra spoilers highlight the spoilers and everything then click the white eraser at the top that says 'Remove Formatting' and that should fix it :D)
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  3. Thanks, that looks much better. :) And no problem! Happy to give something back to the community. :) You guys have given me 500 days of amazingness, so the least I can do is send a couple of mules hurtling to their deaths. :D
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  4. I have school when this starts ):
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  5. Congrats on 500!! Kill the donkeys sounds like a great game
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  6. Hey, have a fire floor while the donkeys are dropping! So a prize for the last person on the fire floor, and the people who fell can just keep on getting donkey items!
    Edit: what are rupee vouchers?
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  7. Signed books redeemable to me for whatever amount is listed inside. :)
  8. Sounds interesting, I'll try to remember the date. Who would want to miss an equine genocide?
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  9. I prefer an equine fiesta of death and destruction, but that works too, I suppose. :p
  10. Awh i cant make it save me a donkey
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  11. So if I go in game and do /time that will be the time we are basing it off? or what time zone are you in? Say im in California what time would this be for me?
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  12. This event is at 1:00 EST (well, EDT now I suppose), so yes, if you do /time in game, then that is the same time zone as the event. :)
  13. Bump! The event is 2 hours and 25 minutes from this post! :)
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  14. 5 minutes until we start! Remember, SMP4, residence 9420! :D
  15. We had a ton of fun! :D Well, except for that moment when I yelled "Go!" and forgot to turn on animaldamage. XD But everything went smoothly after that, just had to alter it a little. It was pretty successful, so I might just do another one of these in the future! Thanks to all who attended. :)
  16. thanks for throwing this. it was a blast.
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