[Event] The Battle for St. Louis

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  1. The Battle for St. Louis

    This is a PvP event hosted on a friend of fluffinator09's server. You will come and be teleported into
    your spawn room and wait for the precise hour, following that you will be released into the city to do the actual event.

    What is it?
    The event is PvP centered and has two teams. The teams are as follows.
    Rebels: The Rebels are supposed to complete a series of predefined objectives within the time limit
    Government Agents: The GAs are supposed to stop the completion of said rebel forces from
    completing their objectives, which are unknown to them.

    1) Be respectful, kind, and courteous.
    2) STAY TILL THE END (Only those who are there from the beginning to the end
    will receive prize money if they win.
    3) RainbowChin and fluffinator09's word is final.
    4) Do not venture away from the city.
    5) Only destroy blocks with TNT. Any other sort of destruction is illicit.
    6) Follow all EMC rules.
    7) Do not break the order of objectives.
    8) HAVE FUN
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  2. Sounds like Syria

    I say: Don't play war games! Don't blow up walls with TNT! Don't sniper your fellow human players!
  3. Interesting comparison. xD