[EVENT] Thanksgiving Trivia Competition

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  1. Hi! I'm excited to announce the next holiday event...this year's Thanksgiving Trivia Competition!

    The TTC will be a series of 10 multiple choice questions (A, B, C, or D)
    They're relatively easy, so anyone can participate!

    Where? When?
    The event is currently scheduled for Wednesday, November 25 at 7 PM EMC time.
    The event will be at /v +event or /v 9840 on SMP4.

    I am only accepting 8 participants. If you want to join, do it quick!
    If you do join, I can discuss more of the details with you as needed.

    The Prize:
    There are 3 prizes:
    1st place: Stable + Vault Vouchers (1 of each)
    2nd place: 5000 rupees
    3rd place: 3000 rupees
    Any ties will be settled by a tiebreaker question.

    That's pretty much it! No sign-up fee, just heaps of fun!
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  2. *signs up*
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  3. Sent you a book with more details. Thanks!
  4. I'm in
  5. Sent! Still 6 spots available!
  6. Sent. 5 spots left!
  7. Bump!
    The worst that could happen is having fun!
    (the best is free stuff)

  8. Hurry up and get your spot reserved!
  9. Both done. Only 2 spots left!
  10. How long??
    Edit - I may/will be unable to join, as thanksgiving dinner and whatnot.