[Event] TechNinja_42's AMA and 1 year party!

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  1. It's almost my 365th day (1 year) on this amazing server, so let's celebrate!

    We'll start off with an AMA(Ask me anything) that will be open through my 365th day
    Its my first time doing an AMA but I'll try my best! ;)

    365th day events at 19037 or /v +event on smp9

    Time & Date: Monday, January 19th at 6:00 PM (EMC time, Do /time in game)
    Prize: Winner will get a 2014 Labor day bench+ Holiday Candle +some donations

    Surprise Event!

    18911, Next to 19037
    It will be made of dirt, bring yer shovels!
    After firefloor on January 19th
    Winner will get a Dragon Stone + Some Donations

    Drop Party!
    Time & Date: Monday, January 19th following Surprise Event!
    Promos/Rares in the Drop Party (I won't spoil all of them):
    Dragon stones, Dragon Stone Fragments, Holiday Candle, Etc.

    Donate and get your name here! Thanks to all of the people below for helping to make this happen

    dee6983-2,200 rupees, Headless Horseman mask, 5 spooky eggs
    aus666-7 gold swords, 3 iron ingots
    Matthew7558-Looting III book

    hallandr721-1 feast for a king paper

    Hope you guys can make it, we're gonna have an awesome time!
  2. Bump! Ask me some questions ;D
  3. Why do cows not fly?
  4. Was I the first to find out? ;)
    What's your favorite arctic monkeys song?
  5. They don't have wings, and there's no udder way!
    That's tough, I like almost all of them... At the moment probably Reckless Serenade, love that bass :D
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  6. Best EMC accomplishment
  7. I still have a lot of goals, but so far probably building my minimall, acquiring some of my promos, or reaching 100 vote bonus
  8. Oh boo, the event is on Monday. Oh well. Have fun, and grats on 1 year!!

    Uh, what is your favorite TV show?
  9. Probably Duck Dynasty, Outrageous Acts of Science, or Mysteries at the Museum.
    I like anything with science/history :)
  10. When is the party?
  11. Monday, January 19
    Fire floor, Drop party, and surprise event are all on the 19th
  12. Bump! 30 minutes!
  13. The event is over, thanks to everyone who came! I hope you all had a good time, I did ;)
  14. Congratz, on your 1st year! I have no question for you, just a request: Check your rupees!
  15. Grats Tech! :D
    Quick question, If guns dont kill people, people kill people, does that mean that toasters dont toast toast, toast toast toast?
  16. Thanks BevK56!
    And in reply to Luckypat
    Yus. ;)
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