[EVENT] Survive and Thrive

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by AverageWalrus, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. It's a Dangerous World out there, but can
    you Survive?

    Welcome to Survive and Thrive! (Name to possibly change)
    A Player hosted event where we as a community go into the middle of the wastelands with some basic gear (or some Diamond gear,though not really reccomened since it will deteriorate faster at Diff 10) at Diff 10. Our goal? to Simply Survive, Build a Town from the ground up, and have some fun!
    I will try to host these every non-Midnight Miners Saturday night (Including the day this thread is being posted on) but don't count on me always being here.

    Anyhoo, the fun will start at 7:00pm EMC time, Location and SMP will be announced around 6-ish EMC time

    I hope to see you there folks..
  2. Well, seems I made this event around the same time as netherspleef, so I'll move this to sunday, same time, though
  3. Sounds awesome, see you then :p
  4. Diff 10 sounds scary, but I will try to make this. ;)
  5. Wow. This will be even harder than defend the castle! *Sighs with determination* I'll try to go. Maybe prepare with some iron golems an a full diamond set.