[Event] Survival Games Competition

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Will you participate?

Yes 34 vote(s) 57.6%
No 6 vote(s) 10.2%
Maybe 19 vote(s) 32.2%

  1. Hello EMC, I have been planning this competition for quite some time. It will put SMP vs SMP vs Utopia, and we will need 2 representatives from each SMP. I know the last one of these did not go through due to poor planning, but this one has been carefully planned. Also make sure the times will work for when the event is.

    Date: It will start at 3:00 PM Mountain Time (MDT) on Saturday, January 26th and go until there is only one player left.


    Round 1: Tournament Style

    Here, we will put SMP vs SMP, in the following order. (Tournament Style rounds will be in ARENA 1, when you join the server AND IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO COMPETE, type /sg join 1)
    SMP1 vs SMP2
    SMP3 vs SMP4
    SMP5 vs SMP6
    SMP7 vs SMP8
    SMP9 vs Utopia

    SMP1 vs SMP2: 2:00 PM MDT on Saturday, Feb. 9.
    SMP3 vs SMP4: 2:20 PM MDT on Saturday, Feb. 9.
    SMP5 vs SMP6: 2:40 PM MDT on Saturday, Feb. 9.
    SMP7 vs SMP8: 3:00 PM MDT on Saturday, Feb. 9.
    SMP9 vs Utopia: 3:20 PM MDT on Saturday, Feb. 9.

    Round 2: Deathmatch.

    Next, the winner from each of those (both people from that SMP, even if both were not the last standing, only one has to be left) will go into an arena together, all 5 teams, so 10 players. (The final round will be in ARENA 2, when you join the server AND IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO COMPETE, type /sg join 2)

    The last round, the death match between the 5 remaining servers, will take place at 4:00 PM MDT on Saturday, Feb 9.
    The Server remaining will get the 46,000r SPLIT between the winning Server's players, regardless of if only one player from that Server is still alive at the end.

    To participate, just post here with this form:

    Your username:
    Which server:
    Why you want to participate:

    To spectate, just post here with this form:

    Your username:
    Why you want to spectate:

    It will be on my server, I will PM the participants (and the spectators) the temporary IP right before the event. (i will delete the DNS entry for it right after the games).

    -Bragging rights for you and your home server!
    - 46000r

    Looking for donations for prizes, can be items or rupees (pay to gearmaster08 and i will post your contribution here)
    - RainbowChin 5000r
    - PirateOfDW 5000r
    - Daxter9133 5000r
    - jkjkjk182 7500r
    - kman122000 8000r
    - 1998golfer 12000r


    SMP1: yankees518 and matjam360 (alternate: Equinox_Boss)
    SMP2: redwing2000 and kevdudeman (alternate: Ninjaboy5656)
    SMP3: AlexHallon and Emsat (alternate: kman122000)
    SMP4: jamesg003 and PRO_G4NGST4 (alternate: Open)
    SMP5: IamSaj and DragonFlame356 (alternate: Open)
    SMP6: TheEpic5 and FireHose_Dragon (alternate: Open)
    SMP7: dandandondo and becsim1 (alternate: nick5013)
    SMP8: HxCami10 and Talukegord (alternate: Open)
    SMP9: NoahMarcusWhite and adsingh (alternate: CousinMosquito)
    Utopia: Runningrhino and bemvino87 (alternate: Open)

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  2. would it possible to just spectate?
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  3. Yes, you can just spectate if you want.
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  4. good to hear :)
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  5. Calm down everyone- This is not about his server, he is not advertising his server: He is trying to run an EMC community event. As of this post- he is completely in the bounds of the rules and I would encourage as many as possible to join in
  6. And- I cleaned up the thread a bit- If you have an issue with it: don't spam up this thread with it please
  7. mods can participate too ;) and thanks
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  8. Just as a side note, I had no problem with it lol
    Sent 5000r donation.
    Also I'm bad with timezones, what time is it in MDT now?
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  9. thanks :) its 11:38 AM in MDT right now ( almost noon)
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  10. Yikes, it'll be at 3 in the morning for me lol
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  11. Yikes...
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  12. PirateOfDW
    I'd like to spectate bc I've never even seen PVP and I luv hunger games!

    I'm going to send in a 5k donation as well :D

    EDIT: Payed
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  13. lol copycat
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  14. Well within the bounds of that rule, technically its pvp but yeah...

    Oh and can I be the male representative from smp2? I would like to because I love hunger games and in another server that shall remain unnamed because that would be advertising im rank 11,000 out of 110,000 ish
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  15. Thanks for the donation :)
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  16. Don't forget to follow the form and sign up before someone else takes the spots for your home server!
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  17. Added you to the list :)
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  18. IGN: NoahMarcusWhite
    Server: smp9
    reason to join: because i will fight for my server and make them proud!....And for fun :D
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  19. Added to the list :)
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  20. I would love to be on for utopia

    Hunger games is one of my favorite parts of minecraft and I kick butt. I played 5 games yesterday and won 4 of them by myself, one i won with no sword. Good luck people
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