[Event] Sunday Horse Racing (Gold Support Voucher Prize!)

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  1. Event Date: Sunday- 11/15/2015
    Event Time: Noon EMC Time
    Event Location: SMP9 /v HeyMoe
    Speed Limit: 130.99%

    Details of each race will be explained on the track.
    *Please have your horse ready for the race. I do NOT supply race horses. Horse stores are listed below*

    Gold Supporter Voucher Prize for 1st place eXtreme race!
    *Other prizes include rupees, speed horses, 100k promo items and much more!
    Can preview prizes at the race track :D

    Horse Stores
    MrsWishes - SMP5 /v 11161
    jdog37 - SMP9 /v 19986
    SeniorPapino - SMP9 /v 18262

    Practice is highly recommended! The track is currently opened for anyone who wishes to practice.
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  2. I'll try my best to be there!!
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