[EVENT] Sunday Afternoon Horse Races! (smp3)

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  1. After hearing from a number of people through out the SMP's, a shared question between the EMC community: Why isn't there a weekly or monthly Horse Racing event? With the help of several people, we can now make that happen! This weeks track is going to be on smp3! There will be 3 races, details about each race will be mentioned on the resident! It is FREE to enter this race! Just bring a horse and your ready to go!

    Event Date: 20th of September
    Event Time: 12pm EMC Time
    Event Location: /v 6692 on SMP3
    Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 racers! (top 3 will be determined based on how well each racer does during each race)

    1st place) 1 130+ speed horse + Diamond Barding (Diamond Horse Armor) + 10 diamonds
    2nd place) 1 128+ speed horse + Golden Barding + 1 horse with colors of the winners choosing (random stats)
    3rd place) 1 126 speed horse + Iron Barding

    Horse Speed Limit: By popular vote, 129.99 speed is the highest you can go!

    Donations are accepted! To donate, either donate using the tracks donation system of message me!

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! Thanks Lockdown32 for designing this track! I very much miss you!

    Need a fast horse without paying a fortune? Come on down to MrsWishes's Horse Mall on /v 11161! Stop by for the lowest prices available!
  2. BUMP Fixed an error and put speed limit in!