[Event] Streaming 2/25/2013

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  1. Event Type: Steaming on Justin.tv/minemeetsroblox#
    Ecent Description: In this stream i will be going thru The Empire looking around and peoples cool builds. In this even you most go to Justin.tv/MineMeetsRoblox# to join in in the chat. I will also be on the official Mumble server. You wont be able to here them though because i suck at multi sound.
    Even Time The Event will be in 10 minutes. It will be until my dad gets home mabey... on the 25th of Febuary
    Event Location smp1- Smp9
    Prizes At the end of the stream I will do an enchantment... i will pick a person randomly and whoever gets selected gets whatever the enchant is.
    Donations will not be needed

    Also i have checked with an admin.. First Ignoramoose then ICC joined in and said sure so i made sure this even was fine to stream.

    Hope to see you there
    p.s. Sorry for the late notice
  2. awe a no show D;
  3. well steaming diff. server now D;