[EVENT] Squiddy Sandbox

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  1. When: Sunday 8th September. 3pm EMC Time
    Where: SMP8 Frontier (there is a TP sign at /spawn)

    In this event, we will become a team and work on one build together. All players are welcome, no matter their level of experience. Remember to bring your creativity!

    We have a specific area set up in the frontier on smp8 where we will be collaboratively building a massive variety of builds. They may range from a giant kraken to a stunning treehouse!

    If you have any any suggestions for what we should build, be sure to comment them on this thread!


    No arguing!

    We're all here to have fun and arguing is no fun. If you disagree on the way that something is being built, remember that everyone has different ideas and levels of skill. Just because it's not the way you like it, doesn't mean it's wrong.

    No destroying other people's part of the structure without their permission!

    If you think you can make it better, seek permission from them first. Griefing is not tolerated on EMC as you all should know.

    What should I bring?

    I will try to provide most of the materials needed for the build however I can't supply it all. You may wish to bring some of your own materials if you want a more intricate design

    Make sure to bring your own since I don't intend on handing out too much.

    Mobs can pack a punch (especially that eyender grr) so make sure to dress yourself appropriately so you don't die.

    Your building creativity!!
    I'm sure we can create some fantastic looking builds :)
  2. Looking forward to seeing you tonight :)
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  3. I see myself there :p
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  4. Today's build will be a castle! (we'll move onto some more whackier ideas in the future don't worry)
    Event starts in 15 mins :)
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  5. I will be there to get sandy :p

    Edit: As soon as another approaches XD
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