[EVENT] Spooktacular Halloween Horse Race!

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  1. Greetings Fellow EMCers! October has started up and this will be a special month for me personally. October not only is my birth month, but it also holds one of my most favorite holidays!

    Halloween is among us! For a very special holiday calls for a very special event!

    Date: October 30th (for consistent time and to avoid interfering with plans on the actual day :) )

    Time: 10:00pm EMC Time

    Location: /v 19988 on smp9

    Rules: The following horse race will have the following rules/features:
    -Speed limit for race is 130.99 and below
    -Horses, Donkeys and Mules are allowed in this race
    -No Potions
    -The race will compose of 3 laps, jumps and obstacles will be included to add a bit of a challenge
    -ALL racers will be required to wear a Pumpkin during the race!

    Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 racers.

    3rd: 1 Stable Voucher, 1 130 Speed Horse, Iron Horse Armor
    2nd: 1 Unused Mineral Mincer, 1 131 Speed Horse, 1 Gold Horse Armor
    1st: 1 2015 Trick-or-Treat Bundle, 1 132+ Speed Horse, 1 Diamond Horse Armor

    Donations WILL be accepted! Special thanks to MoeMacZap for providing the Mineral Mincer!
  2. Looks like fun. :)
    I'll do my best to come! ;)
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  3. Ill be there 100%

    Guess who owns 2 130.99 speeds :p
  4. Horsing around in a pumpkin patch. Just what every Headless Horseman like to do.
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  5. It will depend if I can make it but I will try
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  6. ehh, that's like 3AM in UK and 4AM in Europe ... :/

    btw happy birthday ... on 25th? :)
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  7. :\ Tuesday is a bit of a unpredicable day for me, but around that time its a bit better.
  8. I'm excited for tomorrow! :)
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