[Event] Spleeftastic Builds!

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  1. Ohoho before you think this is just another spleef event I think you should read the rest of the page.

    Spleeftastic Builds!

    Ugh this is just one of redwing's mad rants about spleef. True! Thats why you should totally leave this thread if you dont like fun and prizes! Builders and Spleef Fanatics! I have called you here to present a challenge. I am having trouble what to design for a Utopian Spleef Arena! You have to build a 120x120 residence showing a great Spleef Colosseum! The catch is, you have to have it representing what EMC is like to you. Express your gratitude about this great server in Spleef Art! Here is the important stuff:

    I wish for there to be 5 spleef arenas
    I want to have multiple layers of spleef not just a flat land. (Look at 3842's Spleef tower) (mine)
    I want it to be creative, not just a regular 5 platforms of dirt that take up 120x120.
    I want you to be punctual.
    I want you to have it on a simple creative minecraft server so I can see what the details are.*
    I want a list of all the materials you used to make the spleef colosseum.*

    The Deadline is to be: 2/28/13 (36 days from now.)

    The Prize for the 1st Place Winner: 1 Month of Iron Supporter or 32 Diamonds and 4000r (Winner's Choice)
    The Prize for the 2nd Place Winner: 16 Diamonds, 2000r
    The Prize for the 3rd Place Winner: 8 Diamonds, 1000r

    All Donations go half into the prize pot and half into the build. Any item specified donation will go into building unless its an enchanted item which goes into 1st place's spot.
    If I missed anything please tell me! Thx :D

    -redwing2000 signing off.
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  2. I am so doing this red. I have a cool idea for a spleef.
  3. Oooo conTest ;)
  4. Umm well i don't have a server... Can I send the world file to to you?
  5. I would like to make a suggestion for floor material. Leaves with shears over dirt with shovels. Leaves break extremely fast aaaand it's cooler imo cuz they're a little bit see through. Scary :D
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  6. freeminecrafthost.com lets you get a free manual 4 player server that you can set between creative and survival. I use it just for fun. And a bump before I go to school :)
  7. I would enter if I didn't need to use a server :) Sure you can't accept world downloads on a flat map?
  8. Is it OK if it automatically stone generates. I have some nice ideas for this.
  9. I would allow world downloads, I just don't know how to world download :(