[EVENT] Spleef World Cup!

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  1. Where - 1926/SMP1!
    When - Saturday 11th October/11am EMC time!
    What - Huge spleef tournament!
    Price - EDIT=FREE!
    Donations - We need donations to run this event, the donations go towards the prize!
    Who - Wipple5 & Mineops246 (No, we are not alts!)

    How The Event Will Take Place!
    The event starts with each player playing another player (Chosen by time of sign-up).
    The winners will go through to round 2 and the same thing will be repeated.
    Once more, the winners go through to round 3 and the same thing will be repeated.
    There will be 5 winners left, they will all play eachother.
    For every match won, the player wins a point.
    The 2 players with the most points will go through to the final.
    If there is a draw, the winners will be decided by the game difference, eg. if the score was 2-1 to wipple5; games for would be 2 and games against will be 1 so the difference is 1. If it was 2-1 to mineops246; games for would be 1 and games against will be 2 so the difference is -1.
    The 2 winners will then play a final match and the winner wins the prize

    How To Sign-Up?
    Post below, pm wipple on forums, pm wipple in game!
    Your name will be added as soon as the 1,000r is paid

    How To Donate?
    Simply pay wipple5 the rupees!

    Current Competitors (Max = 40)

    Reserve Competitors

    Donators (Only Donators Of Over 1,000r Will Be Displayed!

    Thanks For Reading, Hope You Enter!
  2. Finally something I'm good at, just hand over the prize and save your time :p
    Jokes aside, ill certainly take part :)
  3. Will this be bring your own shovel?
  4. I suspect so, although i think there will be shovels for sale on the res before hand.
  5. This event will only continue if we get some more people!
  6. I'd like to join! Been a while since I've done some classic spleef.
  7. Sorry, the event is not taking placed due to lack of peeps!