[EVENT] Spartan Fire Floor (2nd time)

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  1. Hey Guys! The Spartan Fire Floor on Valentines day, our first one, went well. We didnt have many people show up. I believe it was like 10. We will be hosting another 1 or 2 games on Sat, Feb 22, for our first winner's, MasterDude13's, 1 year. My friend, and co-host, RebelSpartan0826's brother's irl birthday is coming up so we will host a round for that hopefully.
    The time will be at noon cst. [Time might change... We will try to inform you all if it does]
    Hope everyone can come...

    Now... Me and Rebel know you guys are like "What am I gonna win?". The Prize is undetermined, but Rebel is thinking 2k along with some other items... we may tell more as the event gets closer...

    If the winner chooses I will put there head up in a victors wall at the res of the event along with MasterDude13's.

    Prize~2k and more
    Time~22nd at noon cst
    Hosts~Me and RebelSpartan0826
    For~Our First winner's 1 year & possibly SkullSpartan006's irl birthday if we have materials

    Hope to see you there!
    ~KillaSpartan5 & RebelSpartan0826
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  2. Good luck hosting a fire floor event. It is pretty hard to host an event when you are a non staff. Best of wishes to you.
  3. Bumping this thread. Hope you all show up!!! And thanks Olaf_C.
  4. Just a bump! Remember this is tomorrow at noon cst! [central standard time]
    Hope to see you all there...
    Currently Decided Prizes are
    ~A Winners Book
    ~A Horse
    ~A Saddle
    ~Diamond Horse Armor

    You also have the option of giving us your head to put on the winners wall, you dont have to do this if you choose not to though.

    We may add last minute prizes but this is it for now...

    See you there! May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!
  5. Just about an hour till the event will be hosted!
    Hope you all can play!