[EVENT] smp5 nether clearup

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  1. #StopGriefing
    On the June the 10th at 12pm EDT time we will head out to the frontier nether {/nether} and fix all the greifing and make it a nicer place. We will also stop by the iron and slime farm. Hope to see you there ;)
  2. Good luck. I did this with the /frontier south portal nether area and was non stop griefed. I gave up on it. byeforever did an amazing job of the /nether and well if anyone has seen it as of this morning, it's completely gutted. Ya we can report it and yes they can get banned but it's never going to end.

    I loved fixing it up and making look nice. Then I got tired of having to stop what I was doing and use my own supplies to make it look nice again for a few hours.

    Anyways. If you need some stuff, let me know.
  3. I reckon they should turn some spots into 'residences' like the waste spawns
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