[EVENT] Slime Football/Soccer

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  1. Hello, this is just an idea at the moment, but I am considering running a soccer event. I'll tell you how this works:

    This is a minecraft version of soccer, where the objective, of course, is to score into the opponent's goal. The players are armed with snowballs (TONS of snowballs...) and hit a slime (CHANGED TO VILLAGER FOOTBALL) to push it into the goal. Again, just an idea so far, but I think it would be very fun, and post below any suggestions.

    Roles in football:
    • Manager
    • Players
    • Snow collectors (may also be players)
    There will also be leather armor as jerseys, like each team will have a specific uniform.

    This would be cool to see, and if I were to do this, I would possibly need another res or a digging edit from Sr. Staff, so that would be nice too!

    • Quartz
    • Stone
    • Redstone Lamps
    • Any type of fireworks you have
    • Grass (not dirt)
    • Snowballs
    • Packed Ice
    Throw all donations into the hoppers right in front if you when you go to my res, 18623, if you want, I will also include you in the donations list.
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  2. Staff do not supply eggs, and I don't see why you couldn't just use a pig instead. Would be cool to see.
  3. Well pigs, when hit, start running around. If there is any other mob u think May work, I would be delighted to incorporate it. Cows, sheep, chicen, and pigs all run when hit I think. I'll test all friendly mobs out in singleplayer and see...
  4. Well I now found out that a villager is best for this, it won't move really when hit. I may use this. Also, if a moderator sees this, could you move this to community discussion? It's not really an event yet...
    I need more suggestions and approval from all you fellow EMC players!
  5. Bump :( No suggestions or comments? And more poll votes .-.
  6. Bump, I think they changed bumping to 3 hours for all threads, correct me if I'm wrong and I won't do it again.
  7. Sounds pretty awesome! I've never seen a successful game of minecraft soccer/football ever so this sounds pretty cool and I would love to see something like this.
  8. Heh thanks, spread the word :D
  9. I have almost a DC of snow blocks sitting around doing nothing. If you go through with this, I would be glad to donate them. :) Also, I would suggest using fishing rods as well.
  10. Ooh, fishing rods seem good too, doesn't waste a ton of snowballs :D I'll give both of them a run and see how they compare :D
  11. Bump, thanks for the recent support everyone :D
    Anyways, I'll start when I have at least 10 poll votes, so 2 more :D
  12. Thank you to benthebob and all his alts! He has let us use his massive 120x120 utopia res for the soccer stadium! Construction will begin ASAP!
  13. Best idea ever! Anything with futbol rules :) Can't wait and great idea! Might wanna get a senior staff help you /sumon a villager with like slowness 999 so it won't move on it's own. Just a reccomendation and it may not work but still :)
  14. Yes, I do hope senior staff could help, but even if not, this will still be a great event! Again, thanks to benthebobjr for his res donation!
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  15. Bump, totally forgot that Aikar is going to limit Utopia to 5 players on it at a time :( However, benthebobjr was still willing to donate! Thanks to him again! I have picked the spot to make the 60x120 stadium, it will include my res and my alt's res!
  16. Bump, I have started to lay down the base of the stadium. I have listed what I need in the OP.