[EVENT] Skyblock

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. is 10:00 am EST 1:00 pm PST?
  2. next year :/
  3. what qwerty said
  4. 07:00 7.00am 08:00 8.00am 15:00 3.00pm

    PST 7am
    PDT 8am
    GMT 3pm
  5. If anyone cannot make it please reply to this comment if there is enough people not going to be there then I will change the date/time
  6. I can not make it. I will only be able to do it at 1:00 pm PST daily except for sundays until next tuesday.
  7. I can only do it at 5:00pm
  8. I think it has already ended ;)
  9. Yep it ended but im doing GroundBlock where you build on the ground but am having another idea for a skyblock where there is a floating chests and you build up get the chest and build a skyblock
  10. I'll do a groundblock :D
  11. Whenever you do a skyblock, sell me, and I'll join.
  12. Sell you?!?!?!? you mean you will join only for rupees?
  13. I meant tell.
  14. i have some ideas for your next one nfell

    tell me which ones you dont like:

    3 stacks of cobblestone
    cobble house with 3 floors and windows
    - 2 workbenches
    - 2 chests
    - 4 furnaces
    build to the floor with cobblestone
    3 fully grown trees
    30 pieces of paper
    4 pieces of bread
    16 torches

    Starting chest supplies:
    water bucket - 1
    lava bucket - 1
    sugar cane - 1
    seed - 1
    coal - 4
    bonemeal - 1