[EVENT] Shot Contest

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  1. Welcome To The Next Archery Contest
    Where You Shoot a Unlimited Arrows For 30 Minutes
    And Try To Hit The HUGE Board
    (I wanted To attract People With The name "Shot Contest")

    Donations Are Appreciated
    (donate link is yet to come)


    1st Place: 60% of Donation Total +
    Chest #1
    (Picture will come on Saturday)
    2nd Place: 30% of Total +
    Chest #2
    3rd Place: 10% Of Total +
    Chest #3

    This Contest Starts On Saturday, May 18, 2013 At 12:00 Noon Eastern
    And Ends On Sunday May 19, 2013 At 4:00 PM

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  2. Looks cool! I'll try to be there!
  3. ill try to get there:)
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