[Event] Shanekas's Valentines Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ShaneKas, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, you can now enter the Valentines Giveaway! I will pick 2 random usernames and they will get 5000r! Sorry if it isnt that much but it is a free giveaway. Heres how you enter: In your post, name your favorite food (in real life) and something that you like in minecraft! I will announce the winner on Valentines Day!
  2. Congratulations Matthew7558! You will get your ruppes today or tommorow!
  3. Congratulations NathanRP! You will receive your ruppes today or tommorow!
  4. Dont Really have a Favorite Food, but I love Steak, so Ill say that.
    I love the community minecraft has (mostly EMC). Minecraft brings people with different personalities into one place. I get to meet people I probably would never have met without a game like minecraft.
  5. I really like smoked salmon!! *stomach gurgles*
    And I love the builds of the EMC community!
  6. I like the food from Taco Bell, and on minecraft, I like diamonds
  7. I enjoy Cheeseburgers
    I also enjoy the countless adventures you can have, singularly or with friends =)
  8. Same I love Smoked salmon so delicious