[EVENT] SgtStutta's Easter Egg Hunt!

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  1. Hello

    I'm throwing an Easter egg hunt at my res 17205 on smp8! The event will be at 4pm est today, Easter Day, April 20th. We will meet at res 17204 and I will open my res up at 4pm est for people to search. You will search for chests scattered across my res, I have 21 chests hidden in total.

    I will be taking donations for prizes until 12pm est, please mail me if you wish to donate (it is much appreciated!). The prizes that I have set so far are: a Lucky Bow, 64 emeralds in total, 15 diamonds in total, 20 iron blocks in total, a special easter firework from Kay76087, 4 enchantment books (feather falling 2, 2x sharpness 3, respiration 1), and of course eggs. Added: 5 bows (unreaking 3, power 3), Dragon Stone Fragment, 30 Gold ingot, Diamond Sword (smite 4), 2 skeleton skull, zombie head, creeper head, 10 tnt (half provided by 8pecx), 6 dirt with a code for 100r each, 2 stone brick with a code for 500r each, 5 smooth sandstone with a code for 1k each, and 20 redstone blocks. I will do as much as I can to make it fun for everyone and as bountiful as any treasure hunt can be.

    As soon as a prize is found please let me know by typing in chat what you get. The event will end after all prizes have been collected.
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  2. Bump, added rupees for the hunt.
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  3. When is this from now?
  4. At time of my post,
    5 h 45 min
  5. Right now it's 10:17 est so in 5 hours and 43 minutes.
    Edit: Ninja'd
  6. Ahh,I can be on then...
  7. Err,could you hold it until 9.05 PM GMT?
    (1 Hour from now...)
  8. Well sticking to the plan makes it starts in 30 minutes, I hope this fits within your time frame, I have to keep the set time since I'm on a schedule.
  9. I'll be on in 11 Minutes,wait until then please!
  10. 10 minutes remain, please start arriving at /v 17204 on smp 8
  11. Phew!
    But honestly,I'll be on in 10 Minutes from now.
    Or 9...
  12. Ok, the event is over, still 5 blocks have not been redeemed for cash so if you got any please mail them to me, and thank you all for coming to my first event! :)