[EVENT] SEPTHEKID's one year party!

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Will you make it?

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Yes. 19 vote(s) 36.5%
No. 5 vote(s) 9.6%
Maybe. 20 vote(s) 38.5%
I'm not sure. 8 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. SEPTHEKID's 1 year Party!

    Locations and time are listed at the bottom along with other info.

    I can't thank enough the community of what they have done for me one year ago, when I first joined, I was warmly welcomed by 3 people but they were very helpful, they always offered to help me and gave me more starter items to help me out, I would like to give a big thanks to Neffykitty and ColeWilliams2005 but I would also like to thank to all the people who also supported me though the way, without them, I would be somewhere else. Now to the party! I will be hosting the following activities below. Information is said below it. Hopefully most people can make it, thank you everyone!

    Drop Party:
    This event will happen first and is worth over 200k rupees. There will be promos and rare items at the drop party.

    This event will happen second and will give out prizes in this order, 1st to finish will get 2 stable vouchers and 3 stacks of emeralds, 2nd to finish will get 2 dragon stones and 2 stack of emeralds and 3rd to finish will get an dragon stone and 32 emeralds, 4th to finish will get 32 emeralds. Please do note that this parkour is hard.

    Invisible Maze:
    This event will happen 3rd and prizes will be given out the same exact way as the Parkour.

    Event Order:
    1. Drop Party
    2. Parkour
    3. Invisible Maze

    25 of July 2015
    Starts at 6:00 PM EMC time. 11PM BST time.

    I have no clue when it will end but
    it will probably be around 3-4 hours after the start.

    If you live somewhere else, please use this link:

    8222 (TP buttons to different events)

    Give a special thanks to Awesomebuilder33 for the buildings and reses plus for the thread layout.


    please do not advertise your own thread here (Unless in signature).

    Hope You Can Make It!
  2. Post left blank for future expansion.
  3. Wont be able to make it :(
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  4. might make it but this looks awesome!!
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  5. Awesome Party! What's the invisible maze? Did you steal barriers from the senior staff? *Rainbow appears out of nowhere* :p
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  6. I won't do the invisible maze. I suck at those. Speaking of which how do you do that?
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  7. Click this to see what a invisible maze is and how it works.
  8. I might come :p
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  9. I will not be able to make it. Happy (early) birthday, SEPTHENUB. ;)
  10. Aye be only his first :p
  11. It's already past my 1 year
  12. Sounds fun, I'll try to make it :)
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  13. I'll be happy to come. Happy 1 year!
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  14. Congratz on one year! I've never met you in game but I would love to come. I feel the need to beat people's mazes :p
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