[EVENT] Seashellxoxo's 1600th Day Multi-Path Scavenger Hunt! - Tomorrow

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Should I do this kind of thing again?

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  1. Quick Note: I feel bad because it's the day before the event. But those who want to join and can, please do!

    When: 4:30pm (EMC time) - Tomorrow - June 13, 2019
    Where: /Utopia and /v 5617
    How Long: I'm not sure how long. I'll officially end it at 6:00 pm (EMC time) tomorrow. (1.5 hours)
    More info:

    • Players will search for clues (5 clues for each different lot) that, when you finish finding all five for that set, you come to me in the prize hut and I will check to make sure the clues are the same.
    • The clues have a number, the answer to the previous clue, and the next clue, all named on 1 piece of paper (Minecraft paper of course). It should look like this (in order):
    NOTE: these are NOT real clues.
    (1) - Look for: "Up to the top"
    (2) - Prev.: "Up to the top!" - Look for: "Racing fee"
    (3) - Prev.: "Racing fee" - Look for: "Under the sea"
    (4) - Prev.: "Under the Sea" - Look for: "aMAZEing"
    (5) - Prev.: "aMAZEing" - FINISHED!!!

    • There are 5 sets of these, which means only 5 people will win. But participants who have come to the event will also be offered a prize (a free 125 speed horse OR diamond) There will be plenty for everyone who attends! NOTE: For the winner who didn't win places 1-5, I will try to grant all other players an equal worth in each item of prize. Unfortunately, that means only 5 people can actually play the game. And that means....free stuff for everyone who attends and tries their best to participate.
    • Who finished first - fifth decides ranks of winners.
    • Only those who show up on my res right before the event and stay will be counted as participants and could get prize or two.
    • There are quite a few layers on the res, and they will be hidden throughout the res. So, make sure to look hard. Don't worry, the clues will be simpler than the following.
    • Prizes will be distributed among players through access chests.
    1. No grouptp (it will be turned off) - NO tp to other players either!
    2. Players must be in Residence chat at all times. (only PMing me for questions, or friends outside of the event.) Reason: no spoiling locations for teams.
    3. NO TEAMS
    4. Be polite to other players.
    5. I expect all the other EMC rules to be followed as well.
    6. No cheating in any way.
    7. Go with your gut. If your gut tells you not to do something, you probably shouldn't do it.
    Keep these in mind or refer to them while you're in the game.
    Now, what you all have been waiting for! Showtime! Here is the list for players 1-5 places
    1ST PLACE:
    1 = 2 enchant diamond sword
    3= dragon stone fragment
    1 = 125 speed horse
    1 = diamond
    2ND PLACE:
    1 = 2 enchant diamond sword
    2 = dragon stone fragment
    1 = 124 speed horse
    1 = diamonds
    3RD PLACE:

    1 = 2 enchant diamond sword
    1 = dragon stone fragment

    1 = 123 speed horse
    1 = diamonds
    4TH PLACE:

    1 = 2 enchant diamond sword
    1 = 122 speed horse

    1 = diamonds
    5TH PLACE:

    1 = 2 enchant diamond sword
    1 = 121 speed horse

    1 = diamond
    Other Participants:
    1 = diamond
    1 = 120 speed horse
    Once again, I'm sorry for the late timing event. I hope those of you who want to come can come!
    Thanks for your support, all of EMC, who have befriended me and have helped me out these last few years. Thank you SO much. This event is for you all. Even though it's my 1600th day. It's still great to have you all with me and support me. I hope you can join me for some fun! I wish to see you there!
  2. Congrats on 1600 days :) I won't be able to make it, but best of luck to everyone that participates!
  3. Congratulations on 1600 days :)
  4. Thanks, you guys!
  5. 'bump'
    I can't wait to host it. It's been 3 years since I did host one.
  6. NOTE: I've decided to change something due to an issue that might occur:
    I'm now putting the 1st clues on the walls in the prize room.
    1. You MUST look for your own clues and find them to get credit.
    2. The clues will get harder as we go and they will be on all the levels EXCEPT the top level of the res.
    3. There are access chests so you can take the clue with you to look for the next one.
    NOTE: You may not drop any items on the res, so nothing is shared. Flags are off for that.
    4. Enderpearls are turned off too.
    I'll give more info later to keep you posted. it's an update and there may be more.
  7. UPDATE: another thing:
    1. I'll give you a future hint. There will be an order for what part of the 2 res floors the chests will be found on, so it doesn't take 1 hour to look for it.
    Those are the layers of the res. NO 3rd layer clues. (Thats my auction house)

    Also, no one said they could make it, so it isn't as bad as I thought.
    Just know, it will be another time.
  9. I'm sorry guys....
  10. I will not cancel again. Something came up in rl. I don't have the time right now.