[Event] Scorpio's 1 Year Party (Chance to win Rupees)

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  1. I am soon to be 365 days old on EMC!

    Hello fellow EMC players, the time has come and I am soon to be 365 days old on EMC. So, you may be asking what does this mean? Well, I am going to host a party/giveaway.

    What is it:
    There is going to be a residence that has been covered with wood. There will be 12 renamed blocks hidden among the rest of the wood. If you get any of those 12 blocks, you can redeem them to me for a rupee prize. Some of the blocks will be worth more, and some will be worth less. (As listed below)
    *please note I did not come up with this idea. I have slightly altered it in a few ways.

    The Blocks:
    6 renamed blocks that will be worth 10,000 Rupees each.
    4 renamed blocks that will be worth 5,000 Rupees each.
    2 renamed blocks that will be worth 1,000 Rupees each.

    Where is it:
    The event will be hosted on Res #8607 on SMP4.
    Permissions will be granted once the event starts.

    When is it:
    Event will be on Saturday September 27th 2014.
    Time: 7:00 PM EMC Time (do /time in-game)

    Rupee Donations:
    Rupee donations are greatly appreciated. Any rupee donations will be listed in the following post.
  2. Approximate Time Until Event: Event Over! Thank You all for coming!
    8607.png 8607_2.png
    1000R: skyman1212
    1000R: kay76087

    5000R: fishmeal
    5000R: dee6983
    5000R: Uber_Corq
    5000R: secretlondon

    10000R: fishmeal
    10000R: fishmeal
    10000R: fishmeal
    10000R: dee6983
    10000R: lowercase777
    10000R: BabyCreepersRule
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  3. Love to see events that aren't dp's I'll be there.
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  4. Hope I am able to make it :) best of luck to all.
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  5. I'll try my best :D
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  6. Bump. Added a couple photos.
  7. Holy Hannah, that's a lot of logs :D I'll aim for the oak ones...xD
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  8. I wood try and come but most parties don't fit into my timezone :p
  9. Did everyone see what I did there^?
    If you didn't then just axe me
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  10. Oh the humanity .-.
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  11. Time for a Bump!
  12. Fo sure attending hopefully many other playas attend :D
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  13. Another Bump!
  14. Will we have to bring our own axes?
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  15. Yes, I am not supplying any tools.
  16. thx
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  17. Time For A Bump!
  18. Sounds great, I'll definitely come if my timezone allows it! :D
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  19. Can we keep the wood that is not renamed?
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