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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about an event I'm hosting every Saturday! So, this is my version of UHC. I saw PenguinDJ making his own, and decided to make my own :) (Not copying him.) Anyways, I hope you like the details =)

    Server IP
    I don't have my own Minecraft server. Although, I do have a realm. People will be invited to the realm if they'd like to be. To be invited, you must take a quiz. The link is www.quiz/emc-uhc/ to get in :). It's just 3 simple questions =)

    How The Game Works
    Of course, I'll be spectating and I won't be playing. I'll be watching the players to make sure that they follow the rules. All EMC rules still apply at this event, even if it's not on EMC. It's still an EMC game, so the rules still apply. You'll be banned from the realm for using any hacks, or if you're disobeying the rules.

    The game is pretty simple, though. All you have to do is mine, and build. Although, you have an a limed amount of time to get the supplies you'll need. Then, you'll fight. Teams are not aloud in this UHC though, this UHC is ffa. Also, when you lose hearts you don't regain them back.

    Time and Date
    Time: 7:00 EMC Time
    Date: Every Saturday (If I can do it.)
    WARNING: The 21st and the 28th of November I will not be able to host the event.

    I hope you can come to my event! :)

  2. You got a staff member to agree to come in 11 minutes? :confused:
  3. Wait a minute, a staff member has to come to this?
  4. Yeah, you're not allowed to advertise any event on EMC without a staff member present. You must secure a staff member before you post your thread. With the controversy UHC has caused, you also have to get your event approved by Krysyy - rules, gameplay mechanics, etc.

    You must have at least 1 staff member present at the event at all times(top)

    In order to ensure the [rules are] followed, you must have at least one EMC staff member present at the event. It's important that you ask and secure a staff member before posting your event thread, as otherwise it's possible that none are available!

    Source: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/hosting-off-server-emc-events/
  5. Yes lol. Read the event rules :p
  6. http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/hosting-off-server-emc-events/

    If you want to host an event and advertise it through EMC, it needs to follow EMC rules. See link above.

    Also, closing because this thread is not allowed to run until the event advertised is approved.
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