[EVENT(S)] Scorched Earth Policy: EMC Team War and Tournament

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    Welcome to the Scorched Earth Policy Team War!

    The basis of this event thread is to have you and a group of friends together and fight a base building capture the flag style game.

    How it Works:
    Basically teams will be made up of five players. Each player will have specific roles.
    The roles would be:
    + Captain
    + Recon
    + Builder
    + Two Hunter Killers

    After roles have been decided you proceed to build a base best structured to defend its 'flag' against the other team's attacks.

    Captain: A captain will coordinate everything that goes on between his team. He also defends his base against attacks during Assault Phase

    Recon: The recon will survey the enemy team during the build phase, and defend
    the base during the Assault Phase. They are the only units that are allowed to defend the Hunter Killers as they flee with their flag.

    Builder: The Builders build their base during the Build Phase and defend it during the Assault Phase.

    Hunter Killers: Hunter Killers are the only units allowed to attack the enemy base and attempt to capture the enemy flag during the Assault Phase,. During Build Phase they are to work under the Builders supervision.


    Build Phase: During this phase teams are supposed to build their base to best defend against the enemy team. Recon units are supposed to observe the building of the enemy team's base. If they are seen by that team the team can attempt to kill them. If they succeed then the Recon unit must sit in spawn until the Assault Phase begins.

    Assault Phase: During the Assault Phase Hunter Killers are to use strategy and assault the enemy stronghold and steal their flag. If the Hunter Killers make it back to their base they win. If they die and drop the flag the flag is returned to the stand.

    1) No killing during the Build Phase
    2) Recon units are the only units allowed to cross over to the other side during Build Phase
    3) Hunter Killers are the only units allowed to cross over during the Assault Phase, unless their flag is stolen then that team may also cross over.
    $) If the flag is stolen and one team pursues to the other side and kills them, the flag is returned to THE ORIGINAL TEAM.
    5) Flags must have more than two points of access.
    These rules are subject to change without warning, or notification.

    Team Application-
    Team Name:
    Hunter Killers:

    Theme Song:

    Prize will be determined at a later date.

    The tournament will start when we have a specific number of teams, to be determined in the future by the amount of interest shown by players.

    Anything you need to know or discussion you have please post below for ALL of it!
  2. mmmm, few questioons

    Is a voice-chatting program needed?
    Only two teams per game?
    If a team's flag is stolen, then the Hunter Killers aren't allowed to go for it?
  3. It is not needed but you'd be a fool to go without it.
    Two teams a game. This could change in later times or for special occasions or somethin.
    That was a typo >_> I was watching Hannibal while making this. I meant Build Phase. Will fix tomorrow when I get on my desktop.
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  4. I'll think about this. But Im not sure about the whole "These rules are subject to change without warning, or notification" bit.
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  5. That's only due to the fact that I am very likely to write one. And forget about it . I will always try my best to notify you and they will be set in stone before the tournament begins.
  6. You can build in the EMC Pvp arenas?
  7. This will be hosted on my private server. The maps will all be custom terraformed by me :)
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  8. I have updated the OP slightly and have added a theme song. Aptly named and sounds AMAZING.

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  9. Amazing theme song selection :3
  10. Whoa there, careful with my alerts feed xD
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  11. I didn't do much :p
  12. In the past minute you have given me 6 alerts...

  13. Holy cows (*waits for teh cow to join the thread*) I didn't even realize :3