[Event] Ruari342's Paired PVP

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  1. Timing
    Day: Every Wednesday
    Time: 3:30 pm EMC Time

    What is this event?
    This event is a Paired PVP event hosted my me. The aim is that you and your friends can come along for a good time doing some PVP. You can either find your own pair and pm me about it or be assigned one when you arrive for the event. Each pair will fight it out in one of the four arenas and the winner will move onto the next stage. I will be at the view of each fight heppening and if i see any of the pair that has been killed they will be disqualified. Whoever wins over all will have the chance to PVP against me and my partner in a PVP match in order to win two of my customized PVP prize swords. PVP prize.jpg

    What will happen
    You will join your assigned group or the group you chose in a group and turn your pvp to off so you cant harm team members. You do this by joining /group pvp.

    Event location
    The event will be taking place at there PVP arena on smp6. To get there do /v pvp or /pvp

    Any other prizes donated will be given to the winner and if they to not win all funds and items will be returned to owners.
  2. This weeks Prizes:
    My PVP Prize swords are up for grabs
  3. This weeks Pairs:
    Ruari342 and Uber_Corq
  4. Hmmm this sounds fun. i might come on just to beat you :p
  5. You wish dead :p
  6. Try and beat my armor that costed 61k lol
  7. What armor could you have possibly have gotten that cost you 61k?
  8. 20k tip lol because im nice :p
  9. Oh look, I'm half the boss fight. I should probably go learn how to pvp now, or this'll be embarrassing...
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  10. You do know i won 3rd in the EMC pvp games right? That wasn't easy :p
    I probably could with my god armour and weapons... which cost like little to nothing from hard work hehe :p
  11. by that i mean lets fight > : )
  12. Dead i would love a challenge if your up for it grab a partner and ill put you on the list :D
  13. As it says everyone is welcome :p
  14. Okay :D, i shall find someone and let you know :)

    You're* :p
  15. Dead _redspectre_ is looking for a partner i recommended you since you don't have one if that ok ill sign you 2 up
  16. How did you get the sword colored red :eek:
  17. ah, looks you don't go in PvP very often :)
    When naming a sword (or any item) if you make use of the colour codes as seen in /colors, it will look like that in the kill message.