[Event] Riddling With KJHaddrell01

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  1. Hey Empire Peeps

    Every Monday is a Riddle Event on SMP9: 5pm EMC Time, 10pm: British Summer
    How this Event Works?
    Pretty Simple it goes with the Title Riddling. It is where a Simple Question that is actually a Brain Thinking Question.
    There is Either a Furnace or a chest with a Book and Quill With a Guide on Page 1 and Riddle and you type the answer in the Answer Section.
    Where is the Furnace/Chest?
    In the Wilderness Either Centre, East, west, north, south outpost It will be Announced when it starts.

    It is Hidden around the Protected area. It is not over 1000 or even 500 block away from the Protected area.

    You get the book and quill and put it in the Hopper at /v 18027.
    What happens if I get it wrong? You won’t get anything as Prize im afraid but It will be announced on Town Chat and the First One who says it correct Wins the Prize
    There is 2 Books so 2 Need to be found if none are found in 5:30pm EMC Time the Event Will be Off.
    EMC Birthday Cake 2014
    Donate Prizes (Donate at 18027)
    5 Diamonds
    KJHaddrell01 Head

    Good Luck I hope I see you There J 2014-09-29_13.00.37.png
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  2. Second! :D FUN
  3. I tried to be there but I missed it by an hour :(
    Congratulations to whoever won!